Founded in 1994, Access Control Systems Limited (ACSL) is one of the industry leading system integrators in Hong Kong specializing in design, supply, installation and maintenance of extra low voltage (ELV) systems including CCTV system, access control system, integrated security system, public address system, carpark and traffic control systems, etc.

The customer-focused service and approach is the key element of our success which integrate innovative system design and equipment offering. Built on the next-generation technologies, our in-house software development team can customize solutions to meet different stringent requirements. It extends our focus on optimizing building solutions to achieve long-term cost and operational effective performance that has made ACSL a trusted name among industry professionals and customers.

As one of the HKSAR approved suppliers of materials and specialist contractors for public works, ACSL have been working very closely with various Government Departments such as Architecture Services Department, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, Government Logistics Department, Hospital Authority, Housing Authority, Transport Department and etc. We also have strong customer base across commercial, transportation, logistics, residential segments.